Top 3 Most Thoughtful Song Lyrics of All Times

- May 31, 2017 - -

What is better than a song that gives you a room to think about a specific topic? Songs are often considered as the source of the entertainment and no doubt they are very good source for the entertainment but some songs can take you very far in the depth of your thoughts. I have gone through many song lyrics and I found the following three most thoughtful song lyrics.

1.The Fray – How To Save A Life

Well, the title of the song explains the thoughtfulness of the entire song. This song literally boosts the optimism in the brain. I have seen many people depressed from years but guess what? According to them, this song always heals them and they never get bored from this song. The ear pleasing song never fails to impress the new listeners. In fact, I would like to feature this song as a life saver song because many people have confessed that they lyrics of this song are the reason why they are still alive.

2.Stairway To Heaven

Again, another masterpiece and the mood booster song. Lyrics of this song are also soul pleasing e.g. stairway to heaven. These lyrics motivate the listeners towards the life and the people living within the world. Actually, lyrics of this song covers the bitter truth of the greediness among the human beings. These lyrics motivate the listeners to think about the bitter truths of life too and he started with the greediness. The good thing about the lyrics of this song is the way they are delivered; I mean they are very easy to understand.

3.Man in The Mirror

The lyrics of this song are totally different if compared with the lyrics of the “stairway to heaven” but idea and theme of both songs is almost same. As the title of the song suggests a man in the mirror can see world a better place if he tries to improve himself. The lyrics of this song give a very optimistically strong message for the listeners. Believe me, you can live a clean life if you concentrate on every line of the lyrics. Actually, lyrics of this song suggest us to concentrate what we are instead of concentrating what other people are.