Top 3 most popular song lyrics of all times

- June 1, 2017 - -

Once a rap/pop song is released it starts getting hits within few minutes, in fact, in some cases songs even get millions of hits within a single day. By most popular song lyrics I meant songs that collected huge appreciation by the public and got hit within hours. So, let’s discuss the world’s top 3 most popular songs lyrics of all times.

1.Shape of you

If you have really listened to these lyrics then you would 100% agree with my choice of putting this song at the number one spot in the list and that is the reason why I have put this song at the top of the list. They lyrics of this song are actually super romantic that are followed by the slow music. Actually, in the lyrics of this song the singer picks up a girl from a bar and then makes love with her. This song is full of love and romance where love is expressed and explained like the bloom of the red flowers.

2.In case you didn’t know

This song is also based on the love and the romance but this time the theme of the song is little different and interesting. They lyrics of the song are super easy to understand even if English is not your first language. As like of previous song, the lyrics of this song are also followed by the slow music which gives a sense of heaven in the world. These lyrics are beautifully wrapped in metaphors for example in one of the phrases the writer calls his love “a glass of wine”. Ah! What could be more beautiful than this phrase?

3.Gotta Go My Own Way

Perhaps this song is not based on the love and romance, in fact, the theme of the song is totally different if compared with the previous two songs but the good this about the lyrics is its good readability. In short, the lyrics of this song are not too complex and can be understood easily even if you are listening to this track for the first time. Lyrics of this song circles about a failed love story and these lyrics are also followed by the pleasing slow background music.
As the title of the song reflects depressed feelings of two lovers who are quitting their love and complaining to life for being too hard for them.