Top 3 Most Loveable Songs Ever

- May 30, 2017 - -

Top 3 Most Loveable Song Lyrics Ever Music is a food for soul which can change or ruin your mood within few seconds. The song lyrics are the most important factor in any song and lyrics decide the nature and effectiveness of that song. You will start liking any song if its lyrics match your current situation and that is the reason some songs always sound most loveable no matter what your mood is. I spent many hours to find you the very best 3 most loveable song lyrics ever.

1. My love is your love

Personally I like this song very much because while listening to this song it feels like the lyrics of the song are coming directly from the heaven because the lyrics of this song heal like a medicine. In this song, the singer/writer of the song is expressing his/her love to his/her loved one and they took their love at a whole new level i.e. to the judgment day.
Actually if you listen to the lyrics of this song very carefully you will come to know that the singer is promising to his/her loved one about the judgment day and says, “He will tell lord that I spent my whole life with you and it is the only thing that I have done right in my entire life”.

2.Just the Way you Are

This song was the best competitor to the first song because the lyrics of the song are perfect to praise the beauty of your loved ones. According to the lyrics of this song the world is nothing if compared with the smile of the loved ones. The writer has written these lines metaphorically and he says, “world stops when you smile”. In short, this song is the perfect choice to praise your perfect lover because these lyrics explain how amazing your loved one could be.

3.Thinking out loud

Love never dies neither gets old this is what lyrics of this song say. The writer of these lyrics explain his love is immortal for his loved one. According to these lyrics, it’s the body which gets old not the soul. Loveable soul always remains teenage young. Forget about the rest of the lyrics of the song just focus on the title of the song i.e. thinking out loud. This title of the song explains the complexity of the lyrics.