Top 3 Most Emotional Song Lyrics Ever

- June 2, 2017 - -

Music is all about healing the bored and broken souls. In fact, music makes more sense when you are broken from inside and the possible reason behind this broken soul or bad mood could be nothing but LOVE. Pop music has produced a lot of quality stuff for the people who miss their loved ones or in short, who are emotionally standing at the edge of the cliff. Here in this brief article I have enlisted top 3 most emotional song lyrics ever.

1.Adele, “Hello”

This song is an explanation of the deep depression. The lyrics of the song penetrate the soul because it seems like the real feelings have been expressed into the words. The lyrics the song are super emotional because a true lover will get into tears very easily while listening to such outstanding lines.

This song is actually based on a lover who is complaining about the pain that her love has given to her. These lyrics represent the majority of the people who have had been dumped by other people.

2.Demi Lovato, “Father”

What else can be more emotional than a father living his last few years of life and his daughter is recounting upon his successes and the failures? This song is also bases on the love but this time the love is not romantic, in fact, this type of love is something more than a romance.

They lyrics of this song can easily soften your heart because these lyrics focus on the life of a father and the difficulties that he had to face while bringing up his children. The lyrics of the song also talk about the sacrifices that a father makes while protecting his children. In short, this song is fully dedicated to the responsible fathers.
3.Angel Haze, “Dark Places”

This song also represents the life of a boy or a girl after they break up with their loved ones. Personally, I like the way feelings have been expressed into the lyrics. These lyrics talk about the fake people and the fake love where writer of the lyrics compares love and an empty box and he eventually ends up saying that empty is safer than love. The theme of the song is emotional but the icing on the butter is its perfect music that boosts up the emotions up to even higher levels.