Top 3 Most Brutal Lyrics Of All Times

- June 1, 2017 - -

As my title suggests, this brief article is going to discuss the lyrics that contain brutality in them. By brutality I meant abusive and aggressive lyrics towards some specific people. This brutality doesn’t mean free killing of the innocent people because you know what sometimes even brutal aggressive words can kill you. In short, you don’t need weapons to kill others.

1.Devourment – An*l Electrocution

Gosh! The title of the song explains it all. What could be more brutal than a song starting with an*l word? This song actually covers a story of a guy who is fed up of her girlfriend and wants to beat the sh*t outta her. Lyrics of this song are literally very aggressive because if you hear to those lyrics you will feel like a war is going on within the song. If you still think that there isn’t enough brutality than you are going to change your mind after reading the following phrase from this song: “Smoke emits from her boiling brain”.

2.Khanate – “Skin Coat”

Lyrics of this song are also considered as very good example of the most brutal song lyrics ever. Personally, I think that the lyrics of this songs are little strange because this song is little different from the regular rap songs. The phrases in this songs are not too long and this is what makes this song that awkward. Little phrases express the huge the hate and the brutality in them. The writer of this lyrics focused on skin peeling and 80% of the lyrics consist of the phrases that talk about peeling the human skin.


This song is another example of the brutal lyrics. You can estimate the brutality of the song by just starting lyrics of the song that say “Momy’s body lies under the bed” etc. This song is actually written by a psychopath mindset and the lyrics of this song prove it. The writer of the lyrics took this song on a whole new level where he chops down head of his father just because his father scolds him. In most of the phrases, the lyrics talk about beheading the people and interestingly chorus of the songs says, “Beheaded, beheaded, beheaded”.