Top 3 Most Abusive Song Lyrics Ever

- May 31, 2017 - -

Pop music always tries its best to provide its pretty wide audience with the all possible genres of the music. Fast rap is also one of those genres but the biggest problem with this genre is violent abusive language that is being used by the rappers. If you read the lyrics of such songs, you will come to know that 80% of the lyrics consists of nothing but a F word. Let’s discuss few song lyrics who even crossed the limits in violent abusive language.

1.Hey Mister Mister

This song is about a girl who deceives his boyfriend just for his money. The lyrics are super violent and abusive and are not recommended for the people who are not adults. Actually, the lyrics of the song contain every possible abusive word that you can assume of. For example, it says, “then I put my di*k in her mouth” etc. The theme of the song is also little strange because in this song the singer is beating and mentally torturing his girlfriend in the street. If you listen to the full song you will come to know that the full song is actually a full story of that guy who comes to know about his girlfriend who is cheating on him.

2.B*tch Killa

The theme of this song is also almost similar to the previous one. Lyrics of this song are also as abusive as hell. In this song the singer is actually following a bitch along with his gun. He is abusing and calling her a bitch fearlessly. The lyrics of this song are not shy to words like di*k, as*, Pus*y or sex. At the end of the song the singer ends up shooting her in her pus*y. So, what else can you imagine that is more violent and abusive as fuck?

3.Beat The Pu*sy up

You might be thinking that the title of this song is more abusive if compared with the previous ones then why this song has got number three spot instead of the number 1? Actually, few starting phrases of this song are literally very abusive for example it says, “I beat the pussy up” at least 6 times and the reason is its sex orientation. In short, this song is 100% sex oriented and talks about eating pus*ies and similar shit.