Lyrics to 'Flossin' by Tyga:

–Intro: Tyga & King–
Say I’m flossing, say I’m bossing
Now I’m flexing, and I’m flossing
Yeah I’m flossing, flossing, flossing, flossing
Floss, floss, I’ma a boss, I should be from Boston
Say I’m flossing (I’m flossing)
Say I’m bossing (I’m bossing)
I got all the kids shooting [??]

–Verse 1: Tyga–
[??] bossing on me
I’m flossing, I’m bossing
I’m bossing, I’m flossing
But this ain’t Hugo Boss bitch
Flossing, flossing, yeah we flossing, flossing
I got all the kids
She gon’ ring her frost [??]
You lost it, you lost, yeah you lost it
I’m from the

My vanilla girl like chocolate
My chocolate girl like caramel
My caramel girl like dairy flavored
Drippin’ like the faucet