Hustler Musik

Lyrics to 'Hustler Musik' by Marty Baller:

–Hello. I’m Marty Baller. Bout make a new kind in this bitch– –thats right–

Marty Baller got that hustle music
You already know that I got that hustle music
5 2 8 0 –uh–

God damn I gunna turn a Marty Baller on this one
Leave red on this one
Leave you dead on this one
Grandma used to wake trying to take me to the Church
Look at me now, I guess that Church really worked
Blessings on my grandma so I put in her burse
She don’t even like gifts, so Imma stick it in her purse
Im a true hustler
Hustle while I stay back
Never will I lay back
Boy I don’t play that
Get back get back
Go as will I see waist cap
40th Amity, thats where I was raised at
Sold crack all nights to the fiends
I just wanna live it up, I’m just going with I seen
2 for 15, thats my daily routine
Rocks in my bricks underneath my new jeans
Ballers just so I can live it up
And my projects chick, I ain’t inta her
I need a Kylie Jen, or another girl
So I can rub in your face, like Nivea
I’m like damn they don’t want me to shine, but I glow
I’ma so hot in the sky, you a foe
Hustle so much in the streets I gotta go
I’m getting this money, I’m busy, I’m on a roll
You already know
You already know
You already know

Please please –please–