God Forbid

Lyrics to 'God Forbid' by Joell Ortiz:

Crack Music

[Verse 1]
[??]now and then I ball flex
And flex paws like Dominic [??], no giving my arm rest
I rest arms in a arm rest, take a long breath
I turn that run down a coffin while taking crawl steps
Real rap Im hearing New York’s back
Like we left, like I ain’t always have New York’s back
Just for years bars wasn’t something New York backed
Now we trying to recoupe like they bringing two doors bars (nah)
I been a man with the word play, play with words ’till the words playin your [??] and it throw you back like a Thursday
On my worst day, all my verbs sway like a earthquake
And the curb caves in like a hurt [??] when he first [??]
Man, I hope they learning while I’m spitting
Somebody better tell ’em, they ain’t heard that I was different
Let a frog jump and I’ma burn ’em with this [??]
Have his man standing there like Kermit with the Lipton

God Forbid they try play with me (yeah)
Gon’ be a long day with me
God Forbid they try play with me (yeah)
Gon’ be a long day with me
Real talk, yaowa

[Verse 2]
Man, stop urging these emerging lil’ shitlets
They was lurking through the curtains
I was purging with the written
Every person with a pencil is a potential murder victim
Wave it at any angle and murk you
I mean, what is this? It’s magic in all positions
Like urban before the sickness
I’m just a hood brother that loves [??]
But another rug rats blood could touch my rug cutter
Y’all lucky the persian in mom’s crib is a motherfucker
‘Cause I ain’t beefin’, just eatin’ with my amigos
Sometimes my ego trip, ’cause my kids rather hear Migos