Uncle Mikey Skit

Lyrics to 'Uncle Mikey Skit' by ASAP Twelvyy:

–car door opens, then slams–

I’ma tell you a story. These A$AP Kids, my man Twelve, one two, my man 2 1 2, my man one two. It was Uptown, over there by Lenox Ave. The Mob, you know they had it righteous, shit was smoking, shit was purple, shit was all kinda psychedelic colors. Everything was lovely, everything was precious, everything was real nice, you know what I’m sayin’?

You’d thought Baby J pulled up with the white mink like “What!”
“What, what!” “Harlem World!” screaming that shit

You know we was playing the old Ron G tapes, you know what it is, knahmean. My man had the old Brucie B Rooftop tapes, we was just coolin’. Whole Mob was in there, everything was nice, everything was settle. Everything was bless. It was nice, all that psychedelic, all that physical shit

Y’know all the beloveds was up there, chillin’. Spreading that positivity, you know all them physics

Like that energy was rollin’. It was comin’ back together like the city was back. Like New York City was back where it’s supposed to be…